This is Morgan and Brooke,

aka. girls of the week.


Fav Color:

Morgan - Pink

Brooke - Blue

Fav Brand:

Morgan - Black Orchid

Brooke - Living Royal

What do you love about Frankie’s?

Morgan - Tween sizes and styles that fit me.

Brooke - That it's all about girls!

Who is your fashion icon?

Morgan - Gigi Hadid

Brooke - Kendall Jenner

How do you accessorize?

Morgan - With Karma and Lokai bracelets

Brooke - A cute ponytail holder

What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?

Morgan - Hang with friends

Brooke - Play hockey and relax in my Frankie's Made with Love and Kisses onesie
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frankie’s girls of the week!

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