Brand Spotlight: Zara Terez November 15 2014


Attention tween shopping addicts! Our new favorite brand of the moment (among all the others at our tween boutique… seriously it’s impossible to choose) is Zara Terez! This awesome brand is all about fun, and we’re all about that. Best friends Zara and Amanda started the brand by simply putting their crazy imaginations to work. Most of their designs are simply their wild visions printed onto clothing and accessories that tween fashion stars—like yourself—then rock to fit their own personal styles. And there’s nothing better than that in their (super, crazy, fun, and stylish) minds.

For you.

Girls Diamond Baseball Top

If you’re the type of girl who isn’t really into colored lipstick or rocking a diamond on every finger (we can’t all be Iggy Azalea), try a shirt on for size. This Zara Terez top makes a statement, but keeps you stylish—without going overboard—with the simple black baseball sleeves.

Headphone Backpack

If you still think the graphics may be a bit too bold for your everyday school style, go for a Zara Terez backpack with a colorful headphone graphic print instead. You get to show off your fun and adventurous side without going too crazy. Plus, you’ll have a ton of space for all of your school essentials.  

For mom.   

Zara Terez Leggings

Nope, we didn’t forget about mom. (She deserves something special for herself for taking you on your tween shopping spree at Frankie’s on the Park, doesn’t she?). Whether she’s into understated, chic style, or she has your bright, bold fashion sense, Zara Terez has the leggings to make her spin class fun. A little less sweaty and a lot more stylish.