Mom and Daughter Bonding Weekend: Shopping Spree!! September 20 2014

Mom and daughter shopping spree


So you’ve been back at school for a few weeks now, right tween fashion lovers? That means more fun gossiping in the hallways with your BFFs and less time at home with mom… who totally misses you, by the way. And while you may think the weekends are for football games and tween shopping sprees with your besties, your momma deserves a little bit of TLC. How about a mom and daughter spending sesh at Frankie’s on the Park.

What’s that? Oh, you didn’t know your favorite tween boutique also had stylish clothes for your fashionable mom? Okay, we understand that mommy-daughter matching is SO last season, but you and mom both need comfy and stylish clothes for Fall. So we picked some must-haves that you can both pick up at Frankie’s this weekend. Ready, set, start your list!

Make a Statement

What better way to make a statement than with a statement sweater? While mom can let the world know how much she needs a cup of coffee with her “You can call me anything you want, just don’t call me in the morning” Wildfox sweatshirt, you can wear your Vintage Havana “OMG!” sweater to express your excitement about spending some QT with the momz… and her wallet!  


Cozy Chic

Yes, sweatpants can be stylish outside of gym class… no matter what mom may say. And trust us, she’ll be in love with this trend in no time. The Monrow Satin Sweatpants ((LINK)) are equal parts classy and comfy, perfect when paired with a tee and booties for a weekend shopping spree with her #1 girl. We didn’t forget about you, tweens, because the Miss Behave Dot Felicity Sweatpants ((LINK)) will keep you cool at school without looking like you just rolled out of bed. (Even though you probably did).  


Sneaky Style  

The finishing touch to any stylish ensemble? The shoes. And if you’re not as excited as we are about the latest sneaker trend… well, you must have a much higher pain tolerance than we do. While your Dolce Vita Slip-On Sneakers ((LINK)) put some fun into your day-to-day school ensemble with their bright pink shade, mom’s silver Gordie Sneakers ((LINK)) are both elegant and run-from-soccer-practice-to-the-grocery-store ready. Just don’t wear them on the same day. You know, to avoid a “mom stole my look” fashion faux-pas.