My School Locker Rocks Event! September 02 2014

Locker Decorating Event


Tweens… it’s that exciting (and kind of dreaded, if we’re being honest) time of year. That’s right! Pack those book bags and wrap up those back-to-school tween shopping sprees, because the morning bell is ringing. And so are those 6 a.m. alarm clocks, unfortunately. We know it’s hard to show off your tween fashion creativity at school (ugh… annoying dress codes much?), but typically your locker is total fair game. After all, where else are you going to store all of those secret love notes passed back to you in history class. Yep, you’re busted!

We’re sure you’re already in on the scoop that Chicago tween boutique, Frankie’s on the Park, has been working with Teen Vogue all month long to help get you girls back to school in style (yeah, we’re still freaking out too). Well, last week was the My School Locker Rocks! event, and we’re pretty sure your school hallways will be rockin’ this year. Frankie’s provided all the supplies — from mirrors perfect for re-applying lip gloss after lunch, to magnets to hold all of your favorite pics with the besties… Magazine cutout of Harry Styles, not guaranteed, though.

Frankie's stylists took pics and judged the event, and the winner will win some killer back to school duds. So in addition to their first day of school must-haves like me.n.u skinny jeans and a Wildfox Kids graphic tee, the tweens will also be set to have the most stylin’ locker in the hallway. We’re hoping the school turns the hallways into runways so the girls can show off all of their new fashions from Frankie’s. Well, at least a girl can dream.

One of the best parts of the day, though, was when the trendy tweens filled backpacks for kids in need at LaRabida Children’s Hospital. They stuffed the adorable backpacks to the brim with awesome school supplies, and the girls even wrote special notes to the kids telling them to have a great year! So special, girls!

So now that their lockers are decked out, glammed up, and totally “them,” we’d say these tween fashion stars are ready for some back-to-school shenanigans. Just don’t forget to set apart some time for studying between flirting with your 6th period crush and gossiping with your BFF in the bathroom mirror.

Psst… pass this note back to the tweens in all of your classes: next week is the tween boutique’s last installment of Back-to-School Saturday. (Pull out your pint of Ben & Jerry’s and cry with us, please). But, we DID save the best for last. Repeat after us: Slumber Party!!