Frankie's Teen Vogue Dress the Windows Event August 25 2014

Back to school window shopping


Have you ever dreamed of being a tween fashion stylist? Well Chicago tweens finally had their chance. Cue the dance party, girls! Tween boutique, Frankie’s on the Park, has teamed up with your ultimate, go-to fave fashion magazine, Teen Vogue, for an entire month of non-stop style fun. Last Saturday was Frankie’s Dress the Window Event. We’re sure the girls cut out all of their favorite ensembles from the latest Teen Vogue spread and worked on their inspiration boards all week long, because they were finally able to be a true tween fashion stylist.

The girls worked directly with the Frankie’s on the Park merchandising team to design a back-to-school inspired window display with mannequins decked out head-to-toe in the coolest tween clothing from Un Deux Trois, me.n.u, and Vintage Havana. Trust us, it was hard for them to not to buy all the outfits before they started dressing the mannequins! Although, they do have to start back-to-school shopping at some point… (Ahem, helpful hint: check out!

The final fashionable works of art are currently on display at the tween boutique and will rock the windows for the entire back-to-school season. And the most exciting part… the looks were shared on the Teen Vogue Back-To-School Saturday website! These tweens are basically celebrity stylists after this event. So there’s no longer a need to watch those summer morning MTV reruns of The Hills, dreaming of being LC, styling photo shoots at the Teen Vogue offices, because last weekend, these ladies were truly Tween Vogue stylists.

Next week’s event? Locker decorating. So, at least there’s SOMETHING to look forward to before heading back to school. Oh… that and back-to-school shopping sprees, of course!