The Best Summer Reads

Posted on July 01 2016

The Best Summer Reads

Hi Frankie’s Crew!!

I know we are a little late to the partay, but it is OFFICIALLY summer- and it’s never too late to celebrate that right? Summer brings the opportunity to hang out with friends that we don’t get to see often during the school year, do activities and hobbies that only summer weather permits, and best of all- no homework to hold us back. Some of us jet off to camp for weeks, while others remain at home and get to soak up some hometown sun. But no matter where you go, the free time of summer should be used by all to crack open a new book. While we don’t exactly sell books, we still love a good book. We asked our resident reading expert, Nina, to curate a list of her fave summer reads. So just in case you find yourself in a rut, we have got you covered! 

Feel free to comment with any of your favorite summer book suggestions!!

Nina’s Summer Picks:

1)      And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

This intense mystery in which several people are invited to an island, but one by one each of them disappear will have you on the edge of your beach towel all summer long… 

2)      Red KayakPriscilla Cummings

This novel tracks a horrible kayak accident in which there was a death of a little boy. Brady, the main character soon discovers that he may have played a bigger role in the accident than he thought. In fact, readers will wonder- was it really an accident?

 3)      The OutsidersS.E. Hinton

This book may be the most relatable out of all the books on this list. We enter the high school setting as we follow the lives of two very different social groups that struggle to get along, and deal with ups and downs along their high school experience. Tragedy, heartbreak, friendship, and growing up are all covered in this classic novel. 

4)      The Hunger Games TrilogySuzanne Collins

 We’ve all heard of The Hunger Games at this point, it is the ultimate beloved series of our generation. Buuuuut, if you haven’t gotten a chance to get into yet, or have only seen the movies- it’s time to read up! This series takes place in a fictional country with very odd traditions, including an annual televised fight for life, in which 24 people are selected to kill each other. Readers will follow Katniss Everdeen (otherwise known as Jennifer Lawrence) as she journeys for her life. An undeniable summer page-turner.                                                                                                           

Now, enough reading on the screen, time to crack open a book!!