March Madness: And No, Not The Basketball Tournament

Posted on March 25 2016

March Madness: And No, Not The Basketball Tournament

 Hi Guys!!

 This month has been a little cray cray. After the madness of fashion month in February passes, March is “Market Month” in which buyers, like the good ole’ Frankie’s buying team, get to go back to New York & LA and see collections for the upcoming fall and can actually order them for all of our Frankie’s shoppers! Follow the schedule of the Frankie’s buyers below, a real day in the life of a tween buyer!

12PM, Nolita: First off, BRUNCH! One of our favorite parts of the day, of course. Lucky for me, I happened to be celebrating a big 21st birthday this market week so we started off our day of madness with a DELICIOUS brunch. We all need fuel right? ;)

2PM, Soho: We had a very exciting treat in NYC- one of our favorite kids brands, Wildfox, put on a full on fashion show, complete with ADORABLE mini models, I mean… does it get any cuter? (See pics below!). The Wildfox Kids show had us feeling young, wild, and playful! Some very cute patterns coming to Frankie’s soon. Also, the Wildfox Kids show had some really inspiration hairstyles. They were showing big hair. How do you feel about a half bun? We have a feeling tight buns with half of your hair down, big curls and fluffy pony-tails might be all the rage this summer.

3PM, Garment District: After Wildfox Kids, we sprinted uptown to see our good friends at Un Deux Trois to stock up on some of their beloved partay dresses! Who’s ready for some sparkle?

4PM, Garment District: Last stop of our day: stock up on some athleisure leggings and tops from our favorite girls at Zara Terez, which is now officially called Terez. Don’t worry though, though the name has changed, the product is still just as AMAZING guys J

7PM, Brooklyn: Off to dinner and my birthday party, it’s French themed!! So so excited about all of the adorable things that we ordered for the fall, can’t wait until they are in the stores for you guys to enjoy!

That’s All For Now!