Frankie’s February Fun: The Month of Hearts DIY Style

Posted on February 07 2016

     How is it February already?? Time really flies when you’re having fun I guess! February is one of my favorite months, partially because it means there’s only one more month until my birthday, but mostly because it is the month of love, pinks and reds, and hearts galore!

    Since there is a loving, giving spirit in the air- I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tap into that DIY, crafty-side within myself and share some fun ways to make your own Valentines this year. Because making your very own Valentines cards will ALWAYS be better than those old school packs of Valentines that come in boxes filled with Sweethearts…

For the Movie Lover- You Make My Heart Pop-Corn! 

 This one is super simple:

  1. Grab your favorite type of microwavable popcorn, personally I like Orville Redenbacher’s White Popcorn :) 
  2. Design your very own one-sided Valentine card on the computer or by hand!
  3. Tape your card to the popcorn packet
  4. Tie it all together with a red or pink ribbon, and VIOLA!! 


For Your Friend With The Ultimate Sweet Tooth- I Chews You!  

  1. Chews (haha) your absolute favorite gummy sweet
  2. Bag in a candy bag
  3. Make your own label with thick construction paper
  4. Hole punch the label/Valentine 
  5. Loop a ribbon throught the Valentine, and seal the bag shut!
  6. Give to your BFF or fave tween fashionista!!!


For Your Silly Friend- I Cerealsly Like You! 

  1. Track down your favorite cereal, but make sure it’s the mini box version (extra cute that way!)
  2. Make a small Valentine
  3. Hole punch the Valentine
  4. Loop a pretty ribbon through the valentine and tie as a bow around the cereal box
  5. BONUS CUPID POINTS: If you can track down a mini spoon, your extra cute! 

      Now now, if you’re thinking “these DIY Valentines are cute and all but, lets get real, my BFF really wants something a little more substantial”, you can come to any Frankie’s location or check out our Valentines Day Shop online at