Shop the Best Back To School Trends at Frankies!

Posted on August 24 2015


*Ring ring* What's that sound? It's the sound of the school bell ringing and your back to school wardrobe screaming for a major spruce up before you head back to the classroom. 

Here's our list of the top five tween fashion trends to shop at Frankies this week so you can school the rest of the class on tween shopping style.

1. Grey Denim 

Nothing is more cool-girl-chic than grey denim paired with combat boots and a graphic sweater. It's the epitome of city girl style, perfect for the Chicago and LA tween fashion stars!  

2. Emojis on Fleek 

You can't get enough of the emojis on your phone (side note: when will they finally have a pizza emoji??), so why  not wear them to school? From dancing ladies flannels to a super fun Zara Terez emoji backpack, we obviously can't get enough either! 

3. Silly Food 

Food fights in movies look way fun, but in the real life cafeteria, food fights mean detention and — even worse — ruined clothes... Every tween fashionista's nightmare. So start a food fight (without the mess) with fun and stylish silly food graphic tees and school supplies that will unfortunately make you crave something a little sweeter than cafeteria french fries. Oh well.

4. Fringe

For the boho fashionista. A fringe crossbody purse isn't very practical for hauling around your school binders, but would look insanely cool paired with your fave Bat Mitzvah dress that you love to wear to your friends' parties!

5. Two-Piece Sets

Whether you feel like dressing up a matching two-piece set with sparkly shoes and a stylish bag for a school dance, or topping it with a cozy cardigan for casual Friday attire, two piece sets are all the rage this season in tween boutiques. Now you know why. *wink wink*