Special Surprise with Every Camp Visiting Day Package!

Posted on July 22 2015

You were waiting #10for2 all year, and now, camp season is finally upon us. Woo hoo! Now that we’re in the midst of the best two months of the year, it’s about time to start wiping the s’mores off your face and tidying up your cabin, because visiting day is officially upon us.  

Moms—we know visiting day is your favorite day of the summer, because you finally get to see your tween.

And tweens—we know visiting day is also your fave day of the season, because mom and dad usually come bearing presents (wink wink).

Luckily, your favorite tween boutique has all of your tween fashion needs to make this year’s visiting day package the best one yet.

  1. More Tanks

When you’ve been running around camp all summer in the heat, climbing trees and jumping in the lake, you’re probably running low on tanks to wear for the rest of the summer. (Betchya never thought that day would come!) But since you can’t leave camp to go on a tween shopping spree, let mom know to slip the Like Wear Girls At Camp We Wear Pink tank and the Malibu Sugar #10for2 tank into your visiting day package.

  1. Customizable Gear

If you love your summer camp so much you’re willing to rock its name all over your gear, you’re in luck. At Frankie’s, you can customize varsity jackets, tanks, and boxer shorts to sport the name of your beloved camp. Moms: This is a visiting day present she’ll cherish forever (put it on the list).

  1. Bunk Wear

Between campfires and color wars, you barely spend any time in your bunk… but that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look super cute. We love the squishable smores pillow and the Rockin Robin graphic laundry bag. If only there were an award for cutest bunk decor...

  1. Accessories, Duh

Not even a packed schedule of camp activities will stop this tween fashionista from rocking all of her fave accessories. To add extra glamour to her visiting day package, moms, throw in some fun socks, hats, tattoos, and bandanas to ensure she’s camping in style for the second half of the summer.

  1. Surprise!

Let Frankie’s put together your visiting day package, and we’ll include a cool gift from us! How could you say no to that? (Trick question… It’s impossible!)