Straight from NY February 02 2015

This month, Frankie’s On The Park checked out some of the latest and greatest fashion trends coming out of New York! We’ve got the scoop on the best brands, clothes, and trends from the January show. Lisa kept track of the event and you can see her adventures below!

Malibu Sugar color wars kit

It’s hard to think about summer when it’s so cold outside, but this Color Wars Kit from Malibu Sugar has us excited! Great for summer camp, this kit will spice up any team based activities. And after summer camp ends, re-use these for other group activities like Field Day at your school or your next Birthday party! 

Me.n.u spring!

Me.n.u is one of our favorite brands here at Frankie’s On The Park. So this selection from their spring collection has us super pumped! The semi-causal dresses (lower left) will be great pieces to layer during the always-shifting spring weather. We’re picturing a light denim jacket and some cute booties with the white lace dress!

Also, how cute are those graphic tees?! They’ll be great to mix and match with your existing spring pieces. The outfit they’ve created here with the floral shorts is absolutely fab. On a chillier spring day, this outfit would look great with your current favorite tall boots!

Graduation dresses from Hollyworld

No matter if you’re graduating from Elementary, Middle, or High-school, these dresses will make you stand out for sure! We all know Hollyworld is known for their focus on fashion-forward styles and creative designs, and these dresses definitely fit that bill. And even if you aren’t becoming a grad this year, don’t fret! You’ll be able to wear these dresses to any formal event you have this year. 

Zara Tarez

Wow! Look at all the colors! We love Zara Tarez because of their background. If you didn’t know, Zara Terez is a collaboration between best friends Zara and Amanda who literally make their dreams come true every day by printing their wild imaginations on clothing and accessories that then travel the world on the kind of girls they'd love to hang out with. They always feature graphic, bright, fun printed patterned clothes and we can’t wait to bring them to you soon at Frankie’s!

Trip to New York not complete without these cutees!!!! #bakedbymelissa!

No trip to New York can be complete without Baked by Melissa! These cupcakes were scrumptious! Sorry for making your mouth water!

We know it can be hard to get excited for spring with it being cold outside, but everything coming from New York has us excited! Stay tuned for when some of these fashions make it to our store so they can get in your closet!