Camp & S'mores & Tye Dye Galore (But Really Probably No Tye-Dye and Just A Bunch of Onesies) April 20 2016

Hey Hey Hey!

It’s me again, and I am EXCITED today. The weather is spring-y and I was even been lucky enough to whip out my Blank cut-off jean shorts last weekend…I’ll shhh before I jinx us. But I must say, rocking my jean shorts definitely put me in the mood for something that I’m sure has begun to occupy many of your minds-CAMP! Though I no longer am able to go to camp (#kamaji for life, Go Green!), every time it gets just a little bit too hot, I immediately reminisce on my camp days. I mean, who doesn’t love camp?? A place where girls can be girls, where the heat is hot but who cares, where you are urged to scream at the TOP of your lungs for the majority of the day, and where you get to make some of your best friends in the world! Ugh, now I’m really getting nostalgic! Although I did leave out one very essential component to camp: your spirited gear…

My “tribe” as they were called at my camp was called the Metigs and our tribe color was green, which obviously meant that EVERYTHING had to be green. And I don’t just mean your typical Sofee shorts and a tank top. You know what I mean ladies, I’m talking green tutu’s, green hairspray, face paint, sweatbands, you name it- I had to have it and it had to rep my tribe’s colors. I didn’t go to a very spirited middle or high school so camp was really my time to shine and embrace my peppy side. This past weekend at Frankie’s, some very excited young ladies joined the Frankie’s team for our annual Camp Event. But you guys, this year was really special. Obviously, we all love custom airbrushing, designing all of your gear at the Graffiti Bar with your camp logos and bling on it, and of course stocking up on all the other camp goodies you can find at Frankie’s, but this year, there was something else… The ultimate star of every camp’s menu: S’mores!!! There was a full on s’mores bar in the store, WOWZAS. If that doesn’t get you in the mood to pack up your huge duffle bags and be on your merry way to a month+ long of singing in the sun with homegirls than I don’t know what will! 

All sweet treats aside, the camp event was a blast and we have photos to prove it! As I’m sure all of you guys know, Frankie’s has all of your camp essentials, and maybe even some secret traps/ ideas to sneak in your favorite candies ;) shhh, don't tell anyone!!