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me.n.u Spring and Summer Trends

Hey Frankie Girls!

Off-the shoulder tops are the latest spring/summer trend and nothing is more in right now than pompoms and aztec print. So, what better way to rock them all together than with the me.n u. peasant aztec top! Because it is finally spring, white is the new black and that means it's time to stock up on your favorite lace-trimmed me.n.u white denim shorts to match your aztec off-the-shoulder top. Even though spring is already here, and summer isn't too far away, you still need something to keep you warm on cool nights. The most fashionable way a Frankie's girl stays warm is with her me.n.u skull olive jacket. Perfect for any casual occasion, this jacket is the way to go to keep you stylish and warm on spring and summer evenings. 

A Frankie's girl never goes anywhere without accessories! If you read last weeks blog, you know that pompoms with tassels are so stylish, and the me.n.u tassel fringe cross body bag is one of the hottest trending accessories! Last, but certainly not least, bling is essential. Dress up any outfit with the me.n.u gold crystal cuff. Now you are decked out and set to go! 




How to Style Your Bunk

Hey Campers!

Camp is just around the bend and you know what that means! Campfires, color war, s'mores, and beach parties. With all of  this fun your gonna need a cozy bunk to come home to at night. Here is how the stylish Frankie's girl would design her bunk:

First things first, you want to make your bed as cozy as possible and this cannot be achieved without iscream embroidered patch comforter. Every Frankie's girl love to accessorize, so the matching iscream embroidered pillow case and iscream sandwich cookie pillow are a must. Once she has completed her dream bed, the Frankie's girl would definitely move on to her shoes. There is no better way to organize your shoes than with the confetti and friends donut shoe bag. It's lovely shade of blue matches perfectly with your comforter and pillowcase, and it hangs on your bed. Lastly, but definitely not least, you simply cannot keep all of your color war merch and accessories organized without the confetti and friends emoji under bed storage bag. 

And that, ladies, is how it's done!






Spring Trends


Hey Frankie's Friends!

We already know what's in this Spring and we're willing to let you in on our fashion secrets! There is no better way to express yourself this spring than with your favorite graphic tee, complete with the perfect choker. Once a trend of the '90s, chokers are back and better than ever. With the perfect graphic-tee and choker combo, distressed shorts are a must-have to keep you cool this summer.

Of course, you'll be super busy this spring and that means you are going to need a trendy backpack to hold your books. Nothing is more trendy than pompoms and tassels. Combining the two on a backpack creates the chicest Me. N. U tassel, pompom backpack ever, and is absolutely the perfect accessory for you this Spring. 

Since you are already the trendiest girl on the block, you simply cannot disappoint. Step up your outfit with the hottest sandals ever: gladiators. With these shoes, you are ready to take on the world. 







The Best Summer Reads

Hi Frankie’s Crew!!

I know we are a little late to the partay, but it is OFFICIALLY summer- and it’s never too late to celebrate that right? Summer brings the opportunity to hang out with friends that we don’t get to see often during the school year, do activities and hobbies that only summer weather permits, and best of all- no homework to hold us back. Some of us jet off to camp for weeks, while others remain at home and get to soak up some hometown sun. But no matter where you go, the free time of summer should be used by all to crack open a new book. While we don’t exactly sell books, we still love a good book. We asked our resident reading expert, Nina, to curate a list of her fave summer reads. So just in case you find yourself in a rut, we have got you covered! 

Feel free to comment with any of your favorite summer book suggestions!!

Nina’s Summer Picks:

1)      And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

This intense mystery in which several people are invited to an island, but one by one each of them disappear will have you on the edge of your beach towel all summer long… 

2)      Red KayakPriscilla Cummings

This novel tracks a horrible kayak accident in which there was a death of a little boy. Brady, the main character soon discovers that he may have played a bigger role in the accident than he thought. In fact, readers will wonder- was it really an accident?

 3)      The OutsidersS.E. Hinton

This book may be the most relatable out of all the books on this list. We enter the high school setting as we follow the lives of two very different social groups that struggle to get along, and deal with ups and downs along their high school experience. Tragedy, heartbreak, friendship, and growing up are all covered in this classic novel. 

4)      The Hunger Games TrilogySuzanne Collins

 We’ve all heard of The Hunger Games at this point, it is the ultimate beloved series of our generation. Buuuuut, if you haven’t gotten a chance to get into yet, or have only seen the movies- it’s time to read up! This series takes place in a fictional country with very odd traditions, including an annual televised fight for life, in which 24 people are selected to kill each other. Readers will follow Katniss Everdeen (otherwise known as Jennifer Lawrence) as she journeys for her life. An undeniable summer page-turner.                                                                                                           

Now, enough reading on the screen, time to crack open a book!!




ConGRADulations Frankie's Girls!

It’s that time of year again! Power through your final tests girls, you’re so so close to summer freedom! It’s almost time to whip out the shorts, and your camp gear! With every end of school year comes another graduation. What is the best part about graduation? (Aside from the sense of pride and accomplishment you get from nailing yet another academic year, of course!) Graduation gifts!

We compiled a little list of our fave graduation gifts in case you need a little inspiration because you have been too busy studying to worry about you want to reward all your hard work! Purses, poofs, tech gear and more!



What do you think? Comment your fave picks in the comments! 



Camp & S'mores & Tye Dye Galore (But Really Probably No Tye-Dye and Just A Bunch of Onesies)

Hey Hey Hey!

It’s me again, and I am EXCITED today. The weather is spring-y and I was even been lucky enough to whip out my Blank cut-off jean shorts last weekend…I’ll shhh before I jinx us. But I must say, rocking my jean shorts definitely put me in the mood for something that I’m sure has begun to occupy many of your minds-CAMP! Though I no longer am able to go to camp (#kamaji for life, Go Green!), every time it gets just a little bit too hot, I immediately reminisce on my camp days. I mean, who doesn’t love camp?? A place where girls can be girls, where the heat is hot but who cares, where you are urged to scream at the TOP of your lungs for the majority of the day, and where you get to make some of your best friends in the world! Ugh, now I’m really getting nostalgic! Although I did leave out one very essential component to camp: your spirited gear…

My “tribe” as they were called at my camp was called the Metigs and our tribe color was green, which obviously meant that EVERYTHING had to be green. And I don’t just mean your typical Sofee shorts and a tank top. You know what I mean ladies, I’m talking green tutu’s, green hairspray, face paint, sweatbands, you name it- I had to have it and it had to rep my tribe’s colors. I didn’t go to a very spirited middle or high school so camp was really my time to shine and embrace my peppy side. This past weekend at Frankie’s, some very excited young ladies joined the Frankie’s team for our annual Camp Event. But you guys, this year was really special. Obviously, we all love custom airbrushing, designing all of your gear at the Graffiti Bar with your camp logos and bling on it, and of course stocking up on all the other camp goodies you can find at Frankie’s, but this year, there was something else… The ultimate star of every camp’s menu: S’mores!!! There was a full on s’mores bar in the store, WOWZAS. If that doesn’t get you in the mood to pack up your huge duffle bags and be on your merry way to a month+ long of singing in the sun with homegirls than I don’t know what will! 

All sweet treats aside, the camp event was a blast and we have photos to prove it! As I’m sure all of you guys know, Frankie’s has all of your camp essentials, and maybe even some secret traps/ ideas to sneak in your favorite candies ;) shhh, don't tell anyone!! 


April Showers Bring May... Flower Crowns

Hi Frankie’s Ladiez!!!

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. What that really means is April showers bring May flower crowns and music festivals. Even if you’re not Cali-Cool enough to have tickets to Coachella this year, you can still indulge in a little festival fashion, right? I mean who doesn’t love a solid braid and a flowy dress?

Despite the yucky weather we have already started to get amazing jean shorts and some very bohemian rompers and dresses in and they have us feeling some type of way and we are feeling inspired to channel our own inner Vanessa Hudgens.

Now that Spring Break is sadly over, we’re left to look forward to a summer full of festival dressing (see some of my personal fave Frankie’s looks for this summer below, click the links to shop :)). We hope you’re just as excited as we are to look just as rad as the girl gangs pictured above ;).

Floral Romper



Paisley RomperOff The Shoulder Top




March Madness: And No, Not The Basketball Tournament

 Hi Guys!!

 This month has been a little cray cray. After the madness of fashion month in February passes, March is “Market Month” in which buyers, like the good ole’ Frankie’s buying team, get to go back to New York & LA and see collections for the upcoming fall and can actually order them for all of our Frankie’s shoppers! Follow the schedule of the Frankie’s buyers below, a real day in the life of a tween buyer!

12PM, Nolita: First off, BRUNCH! One of our favorite parts of the day, of course. Lucky for me, I happened to be celebrating a big 21st birthday this market week so we started off our day of madness with a DELICIOUS brunch. We all need fuel right? ;)

2PM, Soho: We had a very exciting treat in NYC- one of our favorite kids brands, Wildfox, put on a full on fashion show, complete with ADORABLE mini models, I mean… does it get any cuter? (See pics below!). The Wildfox Kids show had us feeling young, wild, and playful! Some very cute patterns coming to Frankie’s soon. Also, the Wildfox Kids show had some really inspiration hairstyles. They were showing big hair. How do you feel about a half bun? We have a feeling tight buns with half of your hair down, big curls and fluffy pony-tails might be all the rage this summer.

3PM, Garment District: After Wildfox Kids, we sprinted uptown to see our good friends at Un Deux Trois to stock up on some of their beloved partay dresses! Who’s ready for some sparkle?

4PM, Garment District: Last stop of our day: stock up on some athleisure leggings and tops from our favorite girls at Zara Terez, which is now officially called Terez. Don’t worry though, though the name has changed, the product is still just as AMAZING guys J

7PM, Brooklyn: Off to dinner and my birthday party, it’s French themed!! So so excited about all of the adorable things that we ordered for the fall, can’t wait until they are in the stores for you guys to enjoy!

That’s All For Now!




Spring Fashion Week: NYFW Recap And What Trends We Think Are Going To Be Great For Teens

The end of February is a very crazy time in our country’s fashion capital, New York City. As Valentine’s Day passes, the fashion flock swaps their chocolate heart boxes for their ultimate street-style looks as they gear up for jam-packed days of New York Fashion Week. Fashion Week creates a whole fury of gltizy events, chic models everywhere, and of course, some amazing outfits- can you say #peoplewatching?

Now that the shows have passed, we thought we would create a round-up of our fave trends that we think will pass all the way down to tween fashionistas as well. The main take-away from the shows was comfy is cool. So, for all of our friends that love fashion but also love a good sweatpant and sneaker combo, you’re in luck.

 Alexander Wang

Trends That We're Into: 

-Buh bye to the traditional fashion cycles in which editors and buyers view a collection months before it’s even in-stores and ready for purchase. This year, many innovations were made by big designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Proenza Schouler who are changing they way they present their collections at fashion week, and instead of having to wait for all the sparkling goodies you see on the runway, they will all be available for purchase immediately following the show! See it, buy it, bam! 

 Fenty Puma

-We think graphic logos just miiiiiiight be making a comeback, but cooler than ever. The runways were filled with downtown cool girl’s walking with logos or sayings plastered across their shirts. What does that mean for the Frankie’s girl? Well, we’re predicting some fun cozy tee’s with a little fun word here and there. We hope to see some amaaaaazing streetwear chic duds from our favorite designers, I have a feeling Wildfox might be right on trend… 

 Alexander Wang

-Mini Skirts are back!!! Obviously, not tooooo mini but this summer, we will definitely be stocking up on some cute mini skirts for our tweens, taking a hint from Mr. Marc Jacobs (who by the way, had Lady Gaga make a surprise appearance as a model in his runway show, whoah!). 

Alice & Olivia

Now go on, go check out yourself for some tween inspo and decide how you can work it back to your own wardrobe (hint hint, Frankie’s has some cool options ladies ;))

Until Spring Break!




Frankie’s February Fun: The Month of Hearts DIY Style

     How is it February already?? Time really flies when you’re having fun I guess! February is one of my favorite months, partially because it means there’s only one more month until my birthday, but mostly because it is the month of love, pinks and reds, and hearts galore!

    Since there is a loving, giving spirit in the air- I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to tap into that DIY, crafty-side within myself and share some fun ways to make your own Valentines this year. Because making your very own Valentines cards will ALWAYS be better than those old school packs of Valentines that come in boxes filled with Sweethearts…

For the Movie Lover- You Make My Heart Pop-Corn! 

 This one is super simple:

  1. Grab your favorite type of microwavable popcorn, personally I like Orville Redenbacher’s White Popcorn :) 
  2. Design your very own one-sided Valentine card on the computer or by hand!
  3. Tape your card to the popcorn packet
  4. Tie it all together with a red or pink ribbon, and VIOLA!! 


For Your Friend With The Ultimate Sweet Tooth- I Chews You!  

  1. Chews (haha) your absolute favorite gummy sweet
  2. Bag in a candy bag
  3. Make your own label with thick construction paper
  4. Hole punch the label/Valentine 
  5. Loop a ribbon throught the Valentine, and seal the bag shut!
  6. Give to your BFF or fave tween fashionista!!!


For Your Silly Friend- I Cerealsly Like You! 

  1. Track down your favorite cereal, but make sure it’s the mini box version (extra cute that way!)
  2. Make a small Valentine
  3. Hole punch the Valentine
  4. Loop a pretty ribbon through the valentine and tie as a bow around the cereal box
  5. BONUS CUPID POINTS: If you can track down a mini spoon, your extra cute! 

      Now now, if you’re thinking “these DIY Valentines are cute and all but, lets get real, my BFF really wants something a little more substantial”, you can come to any Frankie’s location or check out our Valentines Day Shop online at